The Benefits of Bonded Rimless

The Secure and Stress Free Rimless Eyewear System

The Bonded Rimless System has numerous benefits over the current rimless systems on the market for Patients, Opticians and Glazers.

Benefits for the Patient

  • No parts to come loose which can reduce comfort, affect visual performance and risk broken frames and lenses. (If a frame bows for an astigmatic patient this will affect their prescription. If the dihedral angle flattens off when worn this reduces the patients clarity in peripheral vision).
  • No parts to obscure the patients area of vision
  • No parts to get in the way when cleaning the lenses
  • The unique bonding fluid greatly reduces stress on the lenses reducing the risk of cracking when the frame comes under stress.
  • The frame can be fully reglazed for new prescriptions, even with a higher Rx, which is often not possible with other assembly methods..

Benefits for the Optician

  • No unhappy customers returning to have their rimless frames tightened.
  • The Bonded Rimless system will allow you to use most plastic lens materials; Trivex, PNX, Polycarbonate, 1.61 (MR8) 1.67, 1.7 and 1.74 Index lenses. (As with all rimless frames we still recommend that you avoid using CR39, 1.54 and 1.56 as they are more brittle.)
  • No practice time wasted tightening up loose rimless frames
  • No restriction on lens thickness unlike plug and pin and some screw and nut styles.
  • The easiest and safest rimless for frame adjustment. The pins are adjustable and the adhesive acts as a cushion between the pin and the lens reducing stress that normally affects rimless frames.

Benefits for the Glazers

  • Faster to assemble than the traditional screw and nut or plug and pin systems.
  • No time wasted disassembling demonstration lenses
  • The only rimless system where you can increase your assembly production, without the need for more skilled staff
  • No need to purchase and stock thousands of different screws, nuts washers, caps or plastic plugs
  • No parts to be lost by the opticians

  • We strongly recommend that Bonded Rimless eyewear is glazed with MAR coated lenses, as it is easier to remove surplus adhesive when the lens surface is sealed.