What is Bonded Rimless Eyewear?

The Secure and Stress Free Rimless Eyewear System

The concept behind Bonded Rimless was to create a rimless system that would address and resolve all the problems associated with the existing methods of assembly.

The typical issues are well known and can dissuade patients who would otherwise favour rimless eyewear. Common problems with both screw and nut and plug and pin are fixings coming lose, causing frames to fall apart or go out of alignment and patients constantly returning to have their frames tightened.

Common problems with screw & nut, plug and pin and other bonding systems are that they all cause stress in the lenses, which can cause cracks and broken lenses, as they require pressure to stay tight. Bonded Rimless has resolved all of these issues, being stress free and secure for the life of the prescription.

Bonded Rimless has been developed and test marketed since 2003, to refine the system and the adhesive, before being offered to the world of branded and own brand eyewear, it is also approved for glazing by all the major lens manufacturers.

Many rimless or ex-rimless wearers would love to buy again, with confidence, now they can!

Why is Bonded Rimless so Strong & Safe?

Bonded rimless frames use a wider oval shaped pin rather than the typical two round hole method. The pin has horizontal and vertical grooves on its surface to form a key and the adhesive literally fuses to the lens material.

The frames are assembled using a specially developed adhesive which is spread over the grooves of each pin and then pushed into the hole made in the lens. The adhesive acts like a buffer between the lens and the pin virtually eliminating the stress in the lens usually created by pressure assemblies.

All rimless styles in many brands, have identical pins, check that the Bonded Rimless trademark is included in the name or it is not genuine Bonded Rimless Eyewear.